Author: Tim Spriggs

      The GOONS discuss whether lower belts should compete against black belts. Tim celebrates regaining the Fight 2 Win Heavyweight Title. And Tony shares a JitsTape entry featuring Chuck Norris and The Gracie Family.  

      The Halloween Show!  

  The GOONS talk Nate Diaz possibly not fighting for the BMF title and how working a 9-5 sucks.      

  The GOONS discuss ADCC 2019, Pinky Eye, and dirty gyms. Go to for all Private Lesson, Seminar, and Super Fight inquiries.      

  The GOONS talk about the last weeks of ADCC camp, how men aren’t as tough as they used to, and whether Stipe will actual see Colby Covington in these streets. Buy the best BJJ and Streetwear at VHTSNY.COM and use the promo code “MUSHMASTER” at check out for 10% OFF.      

  This episode was cursed! The first time we filmed the audio was bad. Then next time we filmed we realized that we weren’t actually streaming the whole time. All of which are Tony’s fault but that’s Ok. The third time’s the charm! Buy the best BJJ and Streetwear at VHTSNY.COM and use the promo […]

Tony and Tim debate if any female UFC fighters could beat a male UFC fighter.    

Tim answers the questions of the BJJ GOONS and White Belt BJJ community.    

Are stripes a big deal? Who are the greatest female grapplers ever? Should you get credit for passing a drug test? Answers to these questions and more on this episode of the BJJ GOONS podcast.    

Tony gets his purple belt and Tim explains how to support your favorite grappler.    

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