Author: Tim Spriggs

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The GOONS talk about all the happenings in the MMA world and attempt to find out who the GOAT in Combat Sports is.  

Tim reflects on his performance at the IBJJF World’s. Tony learns how to pronounce Portuguese names. And both compare ADCC to PRIDE FC.    

  Tim butchers more names, DJ wins Gold and hates Cersei, and Tony dresses like the Crocodile Hunter.      

  DJ is going to Miami for Jiu-Jitsu and a music festival and rubs it in our faces, Tony tries to convince us Conor McGregor is a billionaire, and Tim binge watches Game of Thrones for the adoring public.      

The whole crew is back to bring you that audio heat on everything in combat sports and pop culture.      

Welcome back folks! On this episode of the show we pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle, discuss journalistic integrity in Jiu-Jitsu, the “Washed Up Fighter Olympics” aka Bare Knuckle Boxing, Eddie Bravo wearing BlackFace in a comedy skit on YouTube, and so much more!   This podcast was audio only.    

The GOONS are back! In this episode we talk about: The BJJ Stars event and the Erberth riot, Spyder Invitational, recent super fights, the Finals match up for the Ultimate Rapper Fighting Championship, and much more.      

Tim, Tony, and DJ are here to discuss: Tim’s trip planning failures, Liam Neeson’s vigilante justice, the semi finals of the Ultimate Rapper Fighting Championship, UFC 234 predictions, and so much more!   This podcast was audio only.    

Tim and Tony recap the latest BJJ and MMA news, discuss the morality of PED use, and the necessity of cutting off people who won’t help you achieve your goals.   This podcast was audio only.    

It’s so good to be back! On this episode we discuss: what it feels like to win a Black Belt World Title, Pound-for-Pound rankings, New Year’s Resolutions, upcoming events, and so much more. Business Inquiries:, Fan Questions: All Things BJJ:   This podcast was audio only.    

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