Don’t Be A Hero

Written by on March 30, 2018

If it is the finals of a major tournament, would you let someone break one of your limbs or severely damage your ligaments?

My answer is: HELL NO. What does that prove? If you get put into a full-blown submission you screwed up a long time ago. A match is simulated hand to hand combat to the death. It’s not the real thing. If it was, there’d be no rules, referee, or paying customers to see it.

“But Tim, there’s big money at stake, what if you get out?”

The answer is still no. We all know the difference between a escapable submission and being caught dead to rights. I always fight until checkmate. Anything further is just allowing ego to get you hurt. Let’s say you get seriously hurt and win. You took home a gold medal and/or check but have expensive hospital and rehab bills. In a earlier blog post I explained that just because you win doesn’t mean you will be living in the lap of luxury. Let’s be real, how many events will financially secure you for the time it will take you to recover?

All the top competitors have tapped out. There’s no shame in that. I’ve been embarrassed by being submitted. But I’d rather deal with a day of embarrassment than be on crutches or in a sling because I was too stubborn and insecure to tap out. Take your loss like a G, learn from your mistakes, and live to fight another day.


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