Stunna Thoughts 2

Written by on April 16, 2018

  • I need to find a way to beat people that don’t want to scrap and rather play it safe for the judges. It’s frustrating getting tied up or having somebody actively avoid engaging me. But it’s part of the game that I need to get over to get to the next level.
  • I take full responsibility of what happens on the mat and in life , win or lose it’s on me.
  • ADCC and World’s have the prestige, but you can’t deposit prestige in your bank account.
  • Please save complaints about the judges for your personal life and not social media, no one cares about your feelings bro.
  • Reaping should be allowed in the Gi. I have never seen someone get injured from reaping. Even if you do, you signed the waiver. This is a combat sport, if you don’t want to get hurt be a fan, not a fighter.
  • No Gi without heel hooks is like a bike with training wheels. IBJJF needs to change the rules for No Gi tournaments. Banning reaps and heel hooks waters down the art.
  • It is hard getting matches at black belt. You’re lucky to get three or more at a regional tournament. Most of the people that sign up for the Open don’t fight in it. There have been times where I’ve had one match. It’s even more frustrating when you pay for your own travel and registration.
  • The more matches, the better. My goal is at least 100 matches a year.
  • When you compete a lot you have more chances to experiment.
  • Frequent competition helps you deal with competition anxiety and builds your competitive edge.

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