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Written by on April 5, 2018

This will be a recurring segment on the blog in which I post reflections on my training, competitive performance and the jiujitsu lifestyle:

  • I’m going to stop complaining about people doing steroids. In the street nobody fights fair, so I shouldn’t be upset when my opponents don’t. There is money and legacy on the line out here. To think that guys won’t try to win by any means necessary is silly.
  • Grinding to be elite is humbling at times. Mahamed beats me up in practice everyday. The only difference is the degree to which he beats me up. Best athlete in jiujitsu.
  • Self-preservation is important in fighting. But to avoid competition out of fear of injury is a bitch move.
  • I have a recurring dream/vision that I’m in a fancy dining hall with my tray and plate in hand looking for somewhere to sit. The entire hall is empty except for a table in the center. All the greatest grapplers in history are sitting at a table. Before I get too close one of the legends says, “You can’t sit with us.” End of dream. I guess the moral of the story is, I’m not there yet. Humbling, but true.
  • The creative juices are flowing a lot lately. I miss my mentality at the lower belt levels when I would just go for it and not be focused on game plan and finding a style. I enjoy jiujitsu a lot more when it’s free flowing and improvisational.
  • This new guard system I’m developing is fire.
  • The highest level of competitors can go off script and pull out the win. All the legends have a moment when they catch a fire in crunch time and get the job done.
  • I have come to accept that I will have gnarly looking hands for the rest of my life. But who wants to go to heaven (or hell) without any cool deformities.
  • Nothing brings the jiujitsu community together like a good old fashioned scandal and subsequent witch hunt. Get your popcorn ready folks.
  • A BJJ internet troll/hater is the lowest of life forms.

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