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Getting beat up in practice is part of the game. The journey from white to black belt is filled with training sessions so brutal that you second guess why you started. What separates a black belt from an average joe is their willingness to be physically dominated consistently over a long period of time. In […]

At the lower belts, I would fantasize about fighting the legends of jiujitsu. Those fantasies motivated me to train hard and get my black belt so that I’d be able to fight those legends. Looking back, it was a toxic mindset. Instead of focusing on getting better just to get better, I was focused on […]

Jiu-Jitsu is a business. It’s no longer about who is better and who wins the most major titles. It’s about who is the best at marketing his/herself  and getting the fans behind them. I used to hate on it, but I’ve now embraced it. Online trash talk isn’t my thing anymore, but I understand it. […]

This is the first (but technically not) episode of the podcast. This episode doesn’t have a cool name or number because this was a dry run. It was all performed in one take and had no editing. Going forward we will be having more editing and post production for you guys to enjoy the show […]

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