In this episode the GOONS discuss: World’s results, the NBA Finals, Drake and Pusha T’s beef, and whether DJ has become the head of a Mexican drug cartel. Be sure to Rate, Share, and Subscribe   This episode is audio only.    

In this episode the GOONS discuss: smelly training partners and opponents, Kanye’s descent into madness, how popular jiujitsu can get in the states, and who the streets mess with more.   This episode is audio only.    

I need to find a way to beat people that don’t want to scrap and rather play it safe for the judges. It’s frustrating getting tied up or having somebody actively avoid engaging me. But it’s part of the game that I need to get over to get to the next level. I take full […]

In the first official episode of the BJJ GOONS podcast DJ and Tim discuss: Culture vultures, The best 90’s tv shows and movies, fighting while hungover, and how they decided on their grappling style. Be sure to rate, like, share, and subscribe to us on iTunes. Episode no longer available.

At the lower belts, I would fantasize about fighting the legends of jiujitsu. Those fantasies motivated me to train hard and get my black belt so that I’d be able to fight those legends. Looking back, it was a toxic mindset. Instead of focusing on getting better just to get better, I was focused on […]

I love going to war on the mat. I train and compete to not only win a fight, but to dominate. You can say it’s against the martial arts code or non-technical, but it’s honest. It’s honest because at the end of the day you’re trying to fuck up your opponent and he’s trying to […]

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