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What’s your name and where are you from?   My name is Zana Nachawati. I am of Lebanese and Syrian descent – but a full blooded Texan.   When and why did you start training?   I started training in June of 2014. I was looking for something to do to get in better shape. […]

In this episode the GOONS discuss: whether it’s gangster to fight a bus, the best grappling match ever, and if spats are acceptable to wear in practice.   This episode is audio only.    

Not everyone can have a all-star team around them. For some competitors, they are the best in their gym and have a hard time being challenged in practice. If you are in this predicament, don’t be discouraged. You can get great work in even if you are on a higher level than your training partner(s). […]

In this episode the GOONS discuss: Future BJJ GOONS merchandise, best super villains (Killmonger not included), and whether strength and conditioning is necessary to be a world champion.  Be sure to like, share, and subscribe on iTunes. Episode no longer available.

This will be a recurring segment on the blog in which I post reflections on my training, competitive performance and the jiujitsu lifestyle: I’m going to stop complaining about people doing steroids. In the street nobody fights fair, so I shouldn’t be upset when my opponents don’t. There is money and legacy on the line […]

If it is the finals of a major tournament, would you let someone break one of your limbs or severely damage your ligaments? My answer is: HELL NO. What does that prove? If you get put into a full-blown submission you screwed up a long time ago. A match is simulated hand to hand combat […]

Rest is the most important and most overlooked aspect of training. I am guilty of overlooking rest. When you are passionate about something, you tend to go overboard. This is magnified in competitive athletics. Overtraining is a real thing, despite what so many meathead “experts” will tell you. It’s hard to justify taking a practice […]

Getting beat up in practice is part of the game. The journey from white to black belt is filled with training sessions so brutal that you second guess why you started. What separates a black belt from an average joe is their willingness to be physically dominated consistently over a long period of time. In […]

In the first official episode of the BJJ GOONS podcast DJ and Tim discuss: Culture vultures, The best 90’s tv shows and movies, fighting while hungover, and how they decided on their grappling style. Be sure to rate, like, share, and subscribe to us on iTunes. Episode no longer available.

At the lower belts, I would fantasize about fighting the legends of jiujitsu. Those fantasies motivated me to train hard and get my black belt so that I’d be able to fight those legends. Looking back, it was a toxic mindset. Instead of focusing on getting better just to get better, I was focused on […]

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